23896 Carrera Digital 124 Ford GT 40 MKII, #4 1:24 Slot Car



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Brand New/Never Used/Original Packaging

23896 Carrera Digital 124 Ford GT 40 MKII, #4

  • Copper in color, #4. 
  • Operating headlights and taillights.
  • High impact body and the variable neodymium magnet.
  • Includes an additional neodymium magnet and an extra set of pick-up brushes.
  • Not Recommended to use on the 2/30 High Bank Curve (3/30 High Bank and wider is okay)

A real winner!
The Ford GT is a real winner, winning the Le Mans 24-hour race four times in a row in the 1960s. The winning streak started in 1966 with the Ford GT40 MkII "No.4", which with a new 7-liter engine and around 490 horsepower drove away from the competition. You can now let the copper-colored racing car with the green front drift through the curves of your own racetrack.
Background: In 1962, Henry Ford II wanted his company to participate in international racing again in order to use the endurance races in Le Mans and Indianapolis, which were becoming increasingly popular at the time, as advertising for his racing cars. These events became more and more popular with young people in particular. At that time, the Europeans dominated this field, not least because the American automobile manufacturers had voluntarily decided to withdraw from motorsport in 1957. This fact had an unfavorable effect on the image of the brands, as successful use in racing was considered an indication of engineering skill and reliability. It was precisely these values that Ford wanted to show by participating (and planned success) in the Le Mans races.

An absolute rarity
Production began in Slough, England, in early 1965; almost all models were made there over the next three years. Only a handful of copies were sold with valid street approval. Ford itself speaks of 94 production cars, seven of which Mk 3 and 31 Mk 1 were converted for the road. The 1:24 scale slot car is equipped with front, rear and brake lights. The car can be controlled digitally and can also be individually coded.