SIW17309715M 17.3x9.75x1.5mm Magnesium Wheels 1:32 Slot Car Part

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Product Overview

Brand New/Never Used magnesium hollow wheels Ø 17.3 x 9.75 x 1.5mm, M2 grub, 0.9g (2x).

Replaces: WH1231-MG. Can use up to 3 grub screws, for 100% vibration free rotation.

  • If you are replacing the standard plastic gear in most manufacturer's cars, the stock axles are metric in size (slightly larger diameter), along with the bearings, and stock plastic wheels. It is best to replace the bearings and axle with's 3/32 axle, bearings, and the magnesium set screw wheels.
  • The wheels come in a silver finish.
  • Often the stock wheels and gears have excessive play and cannot handle heavy stop-and-go usage. parts are heavy duty and were developed for high performance and endurance usage as well as giving a smooth and precise drive-train. The parts are of the highest quality and beautifully finished.