SISP43 Digital Chip Conversion for Carrera Digital 1:32 Slot Car Part


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SISP43 Digital Chip Conversion for Carrera Digital 132

  • Small (25x15 mm) in-car chip for Carrera Digital D132.
  • digital chip in-car microprocessor that will convert a regular or high-performance car like a, Thunderslot, NSR or Avant 1/32nd scale slot car to work on your Carrera Digital 132 track. Now you can convert cars yourself.
  • This kit is set up to accept the higher amperage draw of and similar cars with these motors.
  • For some and all other cars you may need to drill a 3mm hole to fit the led emitter which actuates the lane change track and then mount the microprocessor board in the chassis.
  • There are direct connect plugs on this chip but if the car you are working does not have direct connect terminals they are sold separately ( part number SP45).
  • The led is mounted on the bottom of the circuit board
  • NOTE: The safety car function does not work with this chip but the ghost car function will work with this chip.