SICH115b Sidewinder Motor Mount 1mm Offset Pod EVO6 - Bearings 1:32 Slot Car Part

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SICH115b Sidewinder Motor Mount 1mm Offset Pod EVO6 - Bearings 1:32 Slot Car Part

Sidewinder Motor Mount 1mm Offset EVO6 - Bearings Version, used in conjunction with CH105 bearings.

This pack includes fins and screws to convert the motor mount into the EVO6 'wide' version.

CH105 Flanged Bearing (Not included).

This motor mount allows easy installation of the S-Can motors.

The ‘offset’ concept enables upward displacement of the rear shaft with regards to the bottom plane of the chassis and the motor drive shaft, thus lowering the stance of the back of the car to fine-tune the ground clearance depending on the type of track, wheels, tires, and motor, and desired model behavior. ‘Offset’ is the vertical displacement, in mm, between the centers of the rear axle and the motor shaft.

A further advantage of the ‘Offset’ principle is that the rear wheel can be properly positioned vertically inside the wheel arch of the bodywork. In the ‘0.0’ versions, the motor shaft and the rear axle lie on the same plane, whereas in the ‘offset’ versions, unique to, the rear axle is offset upwards, thus lowering the center of gravity of the car and increasing the magnetic traction which either the car magnet or the motor exerts on the track.

Another unique feature of the motor mount is the self-aligning gimbal bushings. Traditional cylindrical bushings cannot compensate for chassis torsion and bad alignment; spherical bushing self-adjusts itself to guarantee the minimum possible friction and can be made with optimal tolerances to eliminate excessive play.