PT001A Policar BRZ Drift 1:32 Slot Car Racing Set



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PT001A Policar BRZ Drift 1:32 Slot Car Racing Set

A passion that runs through generations, to be cherished for years to come. Designed in the heart of Emilia Romagna in Italy, where motorsport is at home, by the Team, the world reference for performance cars and spares. A quality 1/32 track design, a complete recreation of car racing.


  1. MULTIPLE LATERAL CLIP SYSTEM - Keep that huge multi lane layout that you’ve been secretly dreaming of, aligned and flat!
  2. ADJUSTABLE POWER SUPPLY - The best upgrade your money can buy…is INCLUDED in every POLICAR set (this may change by country – please check locally). The indispensable accessory for children, novices and experts: adjustable on seven positions with plenty (24W) of power.
  3. LANE SPACING IS 9 cm (3.54”) - The ideal lane spacing for 1/32 racing. Period.
  4. RUST RESISTANT STEEL RAILS - Keep that huge multi lane layout that you’ve been secretly dreaming of, aligned and flat!
  5. THREE WIRES CONTROLLER - Automatic ‘braking’ action when the trigger is released.
  6. COMPATIBLE WITH MAJOR BRANDS - Compatible (with adapters) with Ninco and Fleischmann 1/32 tracks, and with Polistil/Policar 1/32 tracks made between 1970 and 2000.
  7. SPECIAL TRACK SYSTEM GEOMETRY! (PATENT PENDING) - We sat at the drawing board with the intent to make it easier to create your own circuits. In the new POLICAR track, any constant radius 90° turn can always be replaced with any other constant radius 90° turn: regardless of whether you’re using R1, R2, R3, or R4 pieces! To put it simply: all of the above curve assembly pieces are interchangeable. So, if for example you grow tired of your layout, you can easily replace a 90° R1 turn with a 90° R3 without trouble. Guaranteed by geometry.
  8. HARD HIGH GRIP PLASTIC - Plastic is hard and firm, with a special surface texture to guarantee excellent grip, even without traction magnets.
  9. A GUARD RAIL THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! - Triple rail guardrail. Stays in place when you need it and saves the bacon.
  10. EXTRA WIDE BORDERS - 6cm (2.36”) wide borders, with the same texture of the track. They clip in place like they should, and even work on bridges!

Total Track Length: 12.5 ft. / 3,8 m


  • 2 Subaru BRZ 1/32 cars
  • 4 Straights 14" / 358mm
  • 12 R1 45° Curve
  • 1 Straight 7" / 179mm
  • 1 Powerbase
  • 2 Controllers
  • 1 Adjustable Power Supply
  • 36 Intersection Locking Clips
  • Manual
  • Parts Catalog
  • Spare Parts Bag
  • Sticker sheets for cars