30966 Carrera Digital 132 McLaren 720S GT3 Jenson Rocket Team, #2 1:32 Slot Car



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Brand New/Never Used/Original Packaging

30966 Carrera Digital 132 McLaren 720S GT3 Jenson Rocket Team, #2 1:32 Slot Car

  • White, yellow and black in color, #2.
  • Reverse polarity switch - quickly change the direction you race
  • Operating headlights and taillights.
  • The car comes with a high impact body and the variable neodymium magnet.
  • Includes an additional neodymium magnet and an extra set of pick-up brushes.

A lot of horsepower for the racetrack!
With the McLaren 720S GT3 "No.16" you can really step on the gas on your Carrera DIGITAL 132 race track and leave the competition behind you at the starting line. The car is a new edition of the McLaren 720S and was used for the first time at the International GT Open 2019. The super sports car had to be adapted especially for the GT races and the incredible 720 hp had to be throttled to around 500 hp. The stylish racing car with matte blue paint won the race at the International GT Open last year in Monza, Italy, and the team from the Spanish racing team Teo Martin Motorsport secured a solid second place in the team championship together with its sister car.

Incredible power and racing experience!
McLaren will be a name for all motorsport enthusiasts. McLaren's teams are represented in various motorsport leagues and have already celebrated many successes. From this racing team now comes the new McLaren 720S GT3. The car is the extension of the 720S and is in no way inferior to it. The McLaren already had its first race sowing and is also being sold to customer teams at the same time. Our little double of the original will give you a real racing feeling on your own track. Your own personal McLaren is looking forward to the first races and is already ready to go! Will you get the win or are your competitors too strong?

  • DIGITAL 132 vehicles are digitally-controlled and individually codable
  • All Carrera Digital 132 vehicles can be used on Carrera Evolution
  • Detailed vehicles that are faithful to the originals, stamp printed
  • Vehicles with realistic acceleration and braking behavior
  • Solid workmanship with bodywork
  • Comes in display case
  • Front and rear lights