30957 Carrera Digital 132 Porsche Kremer 935 K3, #54 1:32 Slot Car



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30957 Carrera Digital 132 Porsche Kremer 935 K3, #54 1:32 Slot Car

Legendary racing car back on the track
The Carrera DIGITAL 132 Porsche Kremer 935 K3 ‘No. 54’ is a scaled-down reproduction of the legendary racer driven to overall victory in the 1979 DRM championship by Klaus Ludwig. In fact, this innovative Porsche won the brand world championship an amazing four years in a row, and the Porsche 935 became one of the most successful serial-production-style cars in the history of motor racing. The original was powered by a stunning 680hp and driven by the racing legend Klaus Ludwig, known affectionately by fans as King Ludwig. He is still considered one of Germany’s most successful touring car drivers to this day. 

High-speed racer for home-based motordromes
This detailed bright blue replica Porsche is real thriller. The slot car is equipped with front, rear and brake lights to light up the darkest corners of your slot car racing circuit. 

  • Driven by: Klaus Ludwig (D)
  • Car: Porsche 935 K3 #009 0002 (Kremer) - Porsche 930/80 F6 2v SOHC 3163 cc 2xKKK
  • Entrant: Mampe Kremer Team (D)
  • Event: Int. 13. ADAC-Westfalen-Pokal-Rennen Zolder / DRM Zolder Westfalen-Pokal
  • Date: 19.8.1979
  • Track: Zolder (B), 4.262 kms
  • Distance: 24 laps
  • Attendance: 10000
  • Result: winner in race Div.I - (161.813 kph) - margin: 2s700
  • Grid: 1st in Div.I race (1:31.460)
  • Sponsor: Mambo/MAMPE
  • Tires: Dunlop


  • Blue in color, #54
  • High impact body and the variable neodymium magnet. 
  • Operating headlights and taillights
  • Neodymium magnet and an extra set of pick-up brushes.
  • Not Recommended to use on the 1/30 High Bank Curve (2/30 High Bank and wider is okay)
  • Presented in clear display case


  • DIGITAL 132 vehicles are digitally-controlled and individually codable
  • All Carrera Digital 132 vehicles can be used on Carrera Evolution
  • Detailed vehicles that are faithful to the originals, stamp printed
  • Vehicles with realistic acceleration and braking behavior
  • Solid workmanship with bodywork
  • Comes in display case and supplied with spares pack