40990 Carrera De Tomaso Pantera, #32 *Analog/No Reverse Switch/No Case* 1:32 Slot Car


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40990 Carrera De Tomaso Pantera, #32 *Analog/No Reverse Switch/No Case*

Street sports car on the Carrera car racing track
A classic sports car from the 1970s is making its first appearance at Carrera: the De Tomaso Pantera "No. 32". The mid-engine car was the most successful model of the car manufacturer based in Modena, Italy with Argentinean roots. It is the perfect combination of Italian design and American engine technology, because Italian styling is hidden under the armor made of flares, wings and baffles. The De Tomaso Pantera is the carmaker's most successful model and has been built over 7,000 times. The 5.7 liter V8 engine developed a powerful 480 hp and turned the runabout into a real street sports car.

Iconic design from the 1970s
The striking model with the design of the 1970s is a real eye-catcher in stylish blue on the Carrera car racing track. In domestic duels on your EVOLUTION racetrack, the De Tomaso Pantera "No.32" can show who has what it takes to win on the tracks of the Carrera car racing track. With cool front and rear lighting, you never lose sight of the slot car!

  • Blue in color, #32
  • Analog
  • No Reverse Switch - Chip Removed so it runs in Analog only
  • The car comes with a high impact body and the variable neodymium magnet.