30979 Carrera Digital 132 Chevrolet Camaro State Trooper 1:32 Slot Car

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Product Overview

Brand New/Never Used/Original Packaging

30979 Carrera Digital 132 Chevrolet Camaro State Trooper

  • Blue in color.
  • Operating headlights and taillights and flashing roof light.
  • The car comes with a high impact body and the variable neodymium magnet.
  • Includes a neodymium magnet and an extra set of pick-up brushes.

Bring all the bad boys behind bars with blue light
With the Carrera DIGITAL 132 Chevrolet Camaro "State Trooper" you hunt down all the bad guys on the Carrera racetrack. The muscle car dream from the USA can shine with its sleek blue paint finish with sheriff star and flashing blue light. Of course, it is also equipped with brake, front and rear lights. The red and blue blue light in US design is a particular highlight for all young and old cops on the racetrack.

US power under the hood
The Camaro is a real collector's item for all fans of US cars. The Pony Car not only inspires with its beefy design, but also has a lot of horses under the hood. With Carrera, the vehicle can be individually coded, controlled digitally and can also be used analog.

  • DIGITAL 132 vehicles are digitally-controlled and individually codable
  • All Carrera Digital 132 vehicles can be used on Carrera Evolution
  • Detailed vehicles that are faithful to the originals, stamp printed
  • Vehicles with realistic acceleration and braking behavior
  • Solid workmanship with bodywork
  • Comes in display case
  • Front and rear lights