30296 Carrera Digital 132 NIO EP9 Limited Edition Light Blue 1:32 Slot Car


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30296 Carrera Digital 132  NIO EP9 Limited Edition Light Blue

  • Developed and built in 18 months, the EP9 debuted at the Saatchi Gallery in London, England.
  • Six EP9s have been sold to NIO investors for $4,500,000AUD each. NIO has announced that ten additional EP9s will be sold to the general public.
  • Each of the NIO EP9's wheels has its own motor and transmission. Each motor has 250 kW, giving the car a total power output of 1 MW (1,341 hp). The EP9 is both all-wheel drive, and individual-wheel drive. The car has an advanced torque vectoring system that can adjust the power output to each wheel.
  • The EP9's battery can last up to 427 km before it needs to be charged. Recharging takes 45 minutes, and battery replacement takes 8 minutes as the batteries need to be removed when recharged.
  • The car is equipped with an active suspension, including a ride height controller that makes 200 calculations per second.
  • The car's chassis construction is all carbon fiber, and is based on the FIA Le Mans Prototype regulations. The exterior is also made of the same material.
  • The vehicle's batteries weigh 635 kg, all of the carbon fiber in the car, in total, weighs 364 kg. The total weight of the car is 1,735 kg.
  • The car comes with three power modes, each of which supply power to the batteries either for road or track use.
  • Now you can experience a NIO EP9 at home without the hefty price tag!


  • Presented in clear display case
  • Light Blue in color.
  • Operating headlights and taillights.
  • Compatible with Carrera Digital 132 and 124 slot car tracks. Can also be switched to analog mode to race on Carrera Evolution tracks by simply sliding the switch located on the bottom of each car.